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Sign-up for Ultrafast Fibre from £39.99 at BT Broadband

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A Mumsnetter's guide to BT Broadband

The internet where I live has historically been terrible, so is there any way I can check with BT Broadband whether I can upgrade?

As well as allowing you to see what upgrades are on offer and where the prices are at, the ‘Upgrade your broadband’ page allows you to check the availability in your area by entering your landline number. Just be sure to untick the box so you don’t get some marketing messages through!

Our TV provider hasn’t been great lately, can we save money with BT Broadband by bundling up?

BT does offer specific bundles and cut-price deals if you package up and buy BT TV with Broadband, and you can check the kinds of prices you’ll be getting on the TV and Broadband Packages page.

How do I change the security on our BT Broadband to ensure my youngest doesn’t catch the worst of the internet while browsing?

You can edit and amend various elements of your account - security and BT Parental Controls included - by logging in to your ‘My BT’ account online, though get in touch if you find it’s a battle to get things changed. However, online security does come as standard - including BT Web and Virus protect, that naturally protect you from viruses and harmful websites while you browse.

In the past, my son has complained that the wi-fi signal doesn’t reach his room. Is BT Broadband any different for reaching all round the house?

BT Broadband uniquely offers the ‘smart hub’, which gives you fast wi-fi connection in more rooms than most other competitors and leaves it far less likely you’ll have a room in your house that’s a dark spot. You can read the nitty gritty of the smart hub reviews to find out more.

Let's talk about BT Broadband

BT Broadband

Shopping for home internet can feel like an actual factual minefield sometimes, with such a wide variety of prices, speeds and packages being offered it may as well be jibberish. Hopefully a BT Broadband voucher will help cut through the noise. Whether you want the quickest internet to appease your tech-friendly family - BT Infinity is one of the quickest options out there - or a budget option that covers the basics and keeps you connected, you’ll be able to find a solution that suits you down to the ground.

Save your pocket money with BT Broadband

With internet, mobile and TV providers, it’s all about pushing back. A BT Broadband discount code will get you some of the way, but make sure that when it the time comes to renew you’re letting BT know you’ve been a loyal customer and are being offered better introductory offers elsewhere. The same goes for if you’re a new customer - it can’t hurt asking, can it?

Get connected with BT Broadband

Getting in touch with BT is done via the contact us page. You can also reach BT via their live chat service.