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A Mumsnetter's guide to GoDaddy

I’m pretty new to all of this and I need help setting up my domain. Does GoDaddy offer help and support?

Whether you need help with domains or something else, you’ll find a massive range of topics with guides on the help page. If you’d rather speak to someone then you can use its live chat 24/7 to ask your burning questions or call the customer service number.

I’ve got a few ideas for the domain names I’d like to use, can I check if they’re available with GoDaddy?

Use the Domain Name Search tool and enter your desired name. GoDaddy will instantly tell you if your idea is available or taken, and if it's not free it'll helpfully throw you loads of suggestions to use instead.  

I’ve heard about domains being hacked and this is not something I want my business to experience! Can I protect my domain with GoDaddy?

You can add Privacy Protection for an extra fee when you register a domain with GoDaddy. This keeps your personal details private so you can feel safe. Other additional options include keeping your domain locked to your name for 12 months and adding a certified domain seal so your visitors know they can trust your site.

I’ll be registering a domain with GoDaddy but expect I’ll be super busy, is there a way to make sure my domain doesn’t expire?

When it comes to renewing your domain for a longer period, you can do it manually or set-up auto renewal so you don’t have to lift a finger. You just need to make sure ‘Auto Renew’ is switched on and GoDaddy will cover this for you. If you’d prefer to manually renew your domains then you’ll receive a reminder around 45 days before the domain is due to expire so you’ve got plenty of time.

If I decide I no longer want a domain with GoDaddy, can I cancel my account?

You can cancel products in your GoDaddy account by selecting ‘Delete my product’ or ‘Cancel Renewal’ when logged in. If you want to cancel the whole account you’ll need to call customer support.

Let's talk about GoDaddy


An internet presence is an essential part of business and for a website to exist and attract visitors it needs to start with a domain! That’s why GoDaddy makes it simple for anyone to purchase domains and use its web hosting services, so whether you’re part of a startup or something bigger, you can trust that it'll get you up and running with your website. To get yourself the best deal possible look for a GoDaddy promo code and cut back those business costs by making some savings on your domain hosting fees. It has the largest selection of domain names from competitors, so if you want the best choices you know where to look.

Save your pocket money with GoDaddy

For handfuls of business tips, check out the GoDaddy blog, which features posts on everything related to online marketing and website advice. When you’ve used a GoDaddy discount code to get yourself a cheaper domain, head to the blog to get savvy on how best to make the most of your newfound web presence for your company.

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