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Discover 20 Plants for £35 on Flower Plants at Suttons Seeds

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Popular Suttons Seeds Voucher Codes for July 2020

A Mumsnetter’s guide to Suttons Seeds

How do I use a Sutton Seeds offer code? I can grow more on my budget with the right discount.

It’s always good to knock a few quick quid of your grocery shop, and at Suttons it’s no different. Simply choose a deal or offer code form our list and follow the pop-up links that follow to be taken to the Suttons store (copy your code before you start your shop). Once you’ve added all you want to your order, click through to your basket summary. Paste your code in the specified box on the right and apply to cut the cost of your order before buying.

Can I buy Suttons Seed at any local garden centre? It’s just easier to browse the whole range in person

Not a problem. As the go-to supplier of seeds nationwide, there are plenty of garden centres and similar shops who stock their items. Just pop your address into their online store locator page to get a quick run-through of all your nearest seed centres, what they stock and where to find them.

I’d like to see some Sutton Seeds reviews to rest assured I’m buying quality, are there any online?

Suttons are proud of the service and products they offer to gardeners and horticultural enthusiasts across the country, which is why they’re more than happy to recommend you read the brand’s dedicated TrustPilot page. With an overall status of ‘Excellent’ after over receiving over 20,000 independent customer reviews, it should hopefully calm any worries.

What kind of delivery options are available at Suttons Seeds?

All saplings and seeds from Suttons are despatched via the same method, with a rough delivery period of 3-5 working days. If you order packet seeds, garlic, onion sets, shallots or mushrooms, this delivery comes at a very minor cost of £1.99, whilst all other products incur a £4.99 shipping charge as standard.

How long do I have to return any unwanted items back to Suttons Seeds for a refund?

You’ll be happy to hear that if you’re in any way unsatisfied with your order, you have 14 days to contact Suttons Seeds to arrange an alternative.

Where can I order the Suttons Seeds catalogue?

When you’d like a paper copy of the latest catalogue, you can request one online. Alternatively, you need not wait and can view the entire thing online without delay!

Let’s talk about Suttons Seeds

Suttons Seeds Flowers
If it’s to do with your garden and the things that grow in it, Suttons Seeds likely has the answer. Besides stocking fruit and vegetables for home growth, the brand’s plant and flower seed selection is second to none, featuring everything from Rhododendrons to Acer trees. Whenever you think your front or back yard is in need of some fresh colour, use our newest Suttons Seeds voucher code to save on every last sapling. The brand offers such reliable service and variety of products that it was even given royal patronage back in 1858. Since then they never gave it up, and continue to supply seeds to Queen Elizabeth and the royal family, a clear sign that their standards haven’t faulted in over 150 years.

Save your pocket money with Suttons Seeds

To keep up with all the best deals and multi-buy discounts going, sign your name up to the Sutton Seeds newsletter for regular email updates. Instantly delivering a brand new Suttons Seeds discount code whenever a new one rolls out, it’s the easiest way to both save and stay informed on the latest gardening trends, tips and recommendations.

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