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Popular John Lewis Pet Insurance Promo Codes for October 2020

A Mumsnetter's guide to John Lewis Pet Insurance 

We have just bought a new puppy, do I need John Lewis Pet Insurance?

Insuring your pet means that it can help you with the cost of your new pet’s health and wellbeing, as well as protecting you from any unexpected vet bills. Paying a small amount each month means there will be no nasty payouts that come from your pet getting ill, if your pet causes any damage to people’s property or injury to other people.

We want to take out some pet insurance on our cat, how do we know what John Lewis Pet Insurance is like?

You can view the latest reviews and ratings for John Lewis Pet Insurance on its site.

What pets can I insure with John Lewis Pet Insurance?

It provides insurance cover for cats and dogs from eight weeks old. There is no upper age limit however the benefits do change when they are over nine years old. There are also some exclusions to the type of dog that it will insure, please see which ones it doesn't cover for more details.

I see John Lewis Pet Insurance offers lifetime cover, what is it?

Pet Insurance from John Lewis only offers Lifetime Cover. Lifetime Cover means that if you are insured with them and that you pay your premiums you can claim on a one-off illness such as diabetes or mishap such as a cut paw which needs treatment every year.

Let’s talk about John Lewis Pet Insurance 

John Lewis Pet Insurance Netmums Image

From eight weeks old you can insure your dog or cat with John Lewis Pet Insurance and it can help keep you and your family’s best friend happy. Whether your pet needs emergency dental care, an unplanned trip to the vets or they have caused damage to someone’s property, using a John Lewis Pet Insurance promo code means you can be covered in a wide range of scenarios for less.

Save your pocket money with John Lewis Pet Insurance

If you have more than one pet in your household, John Lewis offers a discount with each additional pet you insure. Keep checking back to Mumsnet for a John Lewis Pet Insurance discount code to make sure that insuring the pets in your household won’t cost the earth.

Get connected with John Lewis Pet Insurance

Call John Lewis Pet Insurance: 0330 102 2490

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