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Jamie's Italian is Now in Administration, Check Out Offers for Your Nearest Italian Restaurants from Mumsnet

Jamie's Italian is Now in Administration, Check Out Offers for Your Nearest Italian Restaurants from Mumsnet

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A Mumsnetter's guide to Jamie's Italian

There’s a big family event coming up and I need to take the DC, DH, BIL and many more out for lunch, where is my nearest Jamie’s Italian?

You’ve made an excellent choice by choosing Jamie’s Italian, so head to the restaurant list to find your nearest joint. What’s more, there are new ones popping up all over the country, so if there isn’t one near you yet, there soon will be!

The kids and I are going to Jamie’s for a treat, what’s the children’s menu like?

The Jamie’s Italian menus vary from restaurant to restaurant and its kids menu is no exception, but you can expect the likes of small Margheritas, Gnocchi, fish stew, organic beef burgers and plenty more. Look at the menu of your nearest Jamie’s Italian to see what’s in-store for when you arrive!

Everyone’s got different dietary requirements in my house, how can I be sure Jamie’s Italian can cater for everyone?

Jamie’s is passionate about the idea of good food for everyone, no matter what your requirements. That’s why you’ll find a selection of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and even dairy free products in every restaurant. Ask to see a free-from / veggie / vegan menu on your next visit to be taken straight to the specialty dishes. HTH!  

I’d like to try my hand at cooking Jamie’s Italian dishes at home for everyone, is there a way to get hold of them?

Try heading to Jamie’s Stories section where you’ll find posts on newer dishes heading to the menu so you can get an idea of how Jamie makes them and even give it a go yourself. But remember, there’s no substitute for heading to the restaurant to have it done by the pros!

It’s the DMIL’s birthday coming up and she loves Jamie’s Italian, can I get her gift vouchers?

Yes, head to the gift vouchers section to treat the mother-in-law to the gift of amazing Italian cooking. They’re valid for 12 months so she’s got plenty of time to book!

Let’s talk about Jamie's Italian


Jamie Oliver made his name with his no-nonsense, homely approach to great food for all the family, and now you can head down to your nearest Jamie’s Italian to have its Jamie-trained chefs cook you up something delicious. Always seasonal, fresh and bursting with flavour, you’ll enjoy Bruschetta, Calabrese pizzas, pesto Gnocchi and gelato that’ll walk out the door every time. If that’s not enough to get your mouth watering, remember that ordering with a Jamie’s Italian voucher from Mumsnet means all of the above comes with a sweet saving. A hit with friends and family alike, everyone eats well at Jamie’s Italian!

Save your pocket money with Jamie's Italian

The Jamie’s Italian deals page is a great way to make a saving on your next booking. You’ll find discounts on Pasta & Prosecco wednesdays, Jamie’s favourites, special pizzas and so much more here. Remember that adding one of our Jamie’s Italian offers will make your meal even cheaper. You can’t go wrong!

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